Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lab #18


We came up with this message after much deliberation. We didn’t want to be offensive or pessimistic because we agreed that that was not a way in which we wanted to communicate with people. While deciding what our message should be we found ourselves talking about how there are different ways that people try to be active in what is important to them. There are protesters who bring attention to what they are unhappy with without actually doing anything and then there are activists who actually do something about what they are unhappy about and take matters into their own hands.

Our message was based on the saying actions speak louder than words, and is attempting to call people to action and to do something to help a cause that they care about because while hope is nice, nothing will get done if all we do is hope. We live in the present and if we never do anything, nothing will ever change in a positive way.

Our group decided very carefully to use we instead of you in our message because we indicates a group of people. If people are active in groups, their bonds become stronger and they are more likely to succeed in what they are trying to get done, in other words, social capital.


  1. I agree with what you say about pessimistic sayings. They don't really solve the problem.

  2. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! What a creative approach to social capital. You've done it again, producing creative and analytical work that helps us better understand the world. Thanks for always putting so much, thought, effort, and creativity into this class.